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How to personalize a rented home?

With the cost of living in the cities going high and people moving in from the suburbs to the city, the number of rented apartments keep increasing and increasing. And as a person taking up on such rentals, you are bound to follow the rules and regulations of your landlord. This pushes you to have a home that is stripped off any color and personalization. However, there are ways you can actually achieve this personalized look for your home regardless of the fact that you live in a rented space. And here are some of them.

The shades

You can never guarantee that the house you move in to would be a fresh and clean blank space. It might be nowhere near what you might have imagined and you might even be having the weirdest shades on the walls, however the trick here to make sure that everything blends in is, by getting all your furniture in a neutral tone. This way you could work more on the details and increase the contrast in colors through pop colored cushions, wall hangings and whatnot. And voila you have nailed the personalized look without breaking any rule of the landlord’s.

Working on the décor

Hanging interesting wall decorations too are major parts of interior designing. The more interesting and highlighting a piece might be, the more chances you have to make it stand out and add detailing to your dull rented space. However, one of the biggest problems is the rule that many landlords have and that is no hammering nails on the walls. So do find out about this beforehand, this way you can easily purchase the plastic hooks that could be easily used to hang stuff or the double sided tape. Choose the ideal kind based on whatever that it is you are planning to hang!

Find right storage

Most rented spaces aren’t the roomiest especially when there is a low charge, so in this case finding a decent place to store your necessaries would become a hassle. And to avoid such issues, the best thing to do would be investing on some cool storage cupboards that also match with your homeware. This way you are not only storing smartly, but you are also adding in an extra detail to your home!

Get the lighting right

Lighting is everything when it comes to illuminating a space and today artificial sources of lighting are set up in homes merely for decorative purposes. And this includes fancy candle lights, fairy lights and whatnot. So if you are also working on creating such effects, make sure that you pick your source of lighting smartly!

Consider the above and design your rented space to feel homely and cozy in every way!

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