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basic factors to consider if you want to start your own home maintenance business

A handy-man is someone who performs home maintenance and other repair jobs. Some of them are employed by the larger maintenance companies or there are also many who do free-lance work and are self-employed. Most of the start-ups compete with the larger firms in areas such as electrical work, carpentry, plumbing and other aspects of home and building maintenance. If you have an idea of starting off in this field as a free-lancer, read on as this article will give you a few tips on how to get started.

Gather experience

As with starting any business on your own, it is important to first get experiences working in similar positions so that you gather enough knowledge and experience in the field. For example, if you work at a maintenance or construction company and engage in activities such as plumbing, building maintenance, then you are likely to help tasks such as assisting in setting up a toilet floortrap choke for example and this will be valuable experience to you later on.Most people usually spend several years gaining this experience before they start free lancing their own work. This is also a good way to build contacts, reputation and a large client base so that when you start your own business, things would be much easier to handle at the outset.

Write a business plan

You must plan out what kind of services you would like to offer. Think about the types of jobs you would like to specialize in. List them down. Next would be to understand what your customers would like from your business and how you would want to cater to their specific need. Your two major customers would be other businesses and private customers. As a start-up, it would make sense to serve both these two types of customers. After doing so, register your business name and the business.

Obtain the necessary licenses

Most home maintenance or repair companies need licensing before they can commence work. As a professional handy-man you would be required to hold a license and the requirements needed to obtain this will vary from location to location.  There are some specific licenses that include examinations, training qualifications, and job experiences in order to start work.  Along with licensing requirements, you will also need to have the appropriate insurances for yourself and the company.  In addition, if you hire employees, you would have to provide to them their insurances such as compensation insurances. Check with your local or state government’s office or website for more information on what the requirements are.



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