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A guide to designing your kitchen

Depending on the type of home you have or if you are building or even renovating the house, you will take the design of the kitchen into serious consideration. If you design a good kitchen the you will not have to walk around a lot to get everything done. It does not matter if your home is an apartment or a big mansion; as long the function of the kitchen does more than it looks.


You must remember that when you are designing the kitchen, the refrigerator, hob and sink should form a triangle. This helps to ensure that there is greater efficiency when you are working in the that room. Some of the configurations which form the triangle:

U shaped

The kitchen cabinet carpentry Singapore company will inform you that the three walls should form a U shape for this configuration. This will help to increase the storage space. However, you need to ensure that you have enough space to move around. This type of configuration is ideal for apartments. You will however, feel corners that are a little bit uncomfortable to work around but using the right accessories will change that.

L shaped

This is the most popular layout of the history. Many apartments are designed with a L shaped kitchen. The biggest advantage is that it fits well in any kitchen of any size. It does not matter if the kitchen is narrow or large however, planning is the most important part of this.  Do not keep a big distance between the sink, hob and refrigerator too much as this slow down when you are working. Don’t forget to purchase good storage cabinets that will provide the necessary amount of storage required.


The single-wall kitchen which is also known as the straight kitchen has the sink, refrigerator and hob in one row. This is ideal for extremely small kitchens where there isn’t must space. Upper cabinets are used to maximize on space. Sliding doored cabinets are more practical so that space can be provided for movement.


The galley layout has been taken from the designs of ships and jets where a lot of space needs to be saved. This is another layout that can be used for small cooking areas. There is a window at one end usually and there is adequate amount of lighting to ensure that it is not too dark. There should enough space for two people to move about.


Island kitchen is a combination of U shapes, L shapes, Straight and Galley configuration with a separate unit that provides more space. It is perfect for HBD apartments because a lot of work needs to be put into it. The unit can be used for all meals when you don’t feel like setting up the dining table.Depending on you preference, you can incorporate one of the above configurations into your kitchen.

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