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Mistakes to Avoid When Installing an Outdoor Lighting System

Setting up an outdoor lighting system is a straightforward task. However, planning for the process can be a bit complex. There will be lot of things to think about with regards to placement, glare, the elements and so in. So it’s easy to make a mistake that might end up becoming quite expensive to fix. Therefore, if you are installing an outdoor lighting system, make sure to avoid the following missteps:

Assuming Fixtures Create the Lighting Effect

Lighting fixtures can undoubtedly be gorgeous. However, the breathtaking visuals of outdoor lighting are not created by fixtures, but that the actual bulbs you use. One of the major mistakes homeowners make in this regard is spending a lot of money on fixtures without giving equal thought to the light bulbs used. If you want to create excellent landscape lighting, focus your attention on the effects created by the bulbs first. Only after should you think about the shape of fixtures to use.

Not Accounting for the Outdoor Weather

Installing lights outdoors is significantly different from doing the same indoors. For starters, you would need fixtures, bulbs, and plug bases that are water resistant for waterproof. You will need to shop for weatherproof PowerPoint systems and other equipment specifically for outdoor use. Don’t buy things suited for indoors. Make sure the lights you purchase are actually intended for outdoor use.

Not Thinking about the Light Effects

Most homeowners have an idea about the general looks and feels of an outdoor lighting system. But what about the specifics? Mainly, homeowners must consider the visual effects the lights would create. For example, would a light bulb emit a gentle glare or a sharp beam? The success of the overall system would depend on choosing the right effect for the right place. Therefore, make sure you think about the type of glare you want the lights to emit at certain places. This would be one of the most defining aspects of your outdoor lighting system.

Not Calculating Energy Consumption

Installing a single porch light may not dramatically enhance your household power bill. However, an entire lighting system is a different story. Therefore, do calculate an estimate for the energy expenditure the system would require. The type of bulbs you use, number of bulbs, and how long everything stays on will determine how expensive your energy bill becomes after landscape lighting is installed. You can reduce costs by using bulbs certified for energy efficiency. Using motion sensor bulbs and having timer plug bases will also help you reduce overall energy consumption.

Not Budgeting at First

Homeowners don’t necessarily think of outdoor lighting systems as a form of serious home renovation. Therefore, you might not set a budget for it at the beginning. This is a major mistake. All the electrical equipment necessary to set up the system can get quite costly when you don’t budget. Things like fixtures can really raise up the cost of landscape lighting. Therefore, do set a budget for it and keep it realistic to avoid financial mistakes.

You can avoid most mistakes by visualising how the lighting system you have in mind would look when actually installed. You should ideally make a sketch art or commission one from a landscape designer. Proper planning and focusing on what’s really important would prevent costly mistakes for homeowners who want a well-lit garden.

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