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How to Take Care of Wooden Floors?

Maintaining anything requires a certain amount of effort, and it the exact same with your floors. Wooden floors are guaranteed to add value to your home and also give it a more luxurious and also more welcoming feel. But keeping the floors in top condition is not always easy, so if you are thinking of getting hardwood floors or you already own wooden flooring then here are a few key suggestions and tips on how to maintain it:

Eliminate Any Threats

Make sure that you add something like a felt protector to sofa and chair legs (or any furniture legs for that matter) as it will prevent the furniture from scratching the floor when you have to slide or shift the furniture around. Because quite often if you look under your dining table that is where the most number of scratches will be, from all the sliding chairs. You should remember that the felt under the furniture tends to get worn out over time so you must ensure to replace them every-so-often in order to provide maximum protection for your wooden floors. You can even use a rug under the sofa in order to prevent the floors from being damaged. A rug is great because it is both decorative and also a great form of protection. Also do not walk around with stilettos too often if you own any, because it can possibly puncture the wood.

Overall Maintenance

On a daily basis, you need to sweep, dust and mop the floors. This can be done every other day though, so as not to tire yourself out. On a weekly basis it is necessary to vacuum the floor so there are no dust particles on it. On a monthly basis (it can be every 6 months rather than every month) I suggest hiring a wood-floor cleaner just so that the floors are thoroughly cleaned.  And every 5 years or so it is best to recoat the floors just so it remains shiny and smooth. And if you ever plan on reselling the house then it is vital that you sand down and refinish the wood floors so that they look brand new, because this will add value to your home.

Useful Tips

A cool trick I have learned is to use a damp towel that has been dipped in boiling tea. Get some water that had approximately two or three tea bags brewed in it to clean the wooden floor. Because the tea helps to give it a gorgeous shine.  If wooden floors are just not working for you, then try laminate flooring Melbourne. Laminate is made from pressed wood making it super durable and resistance to scratches and although it is not the same as hard-wood floors which are the real-deal, it looks almost exactly the same.

Follow these instructions and you can do your utmost to keep your wooden floors in pristine condition for years to come. Do not neglect your floors or over-time the damage done to them will cause you to lose value house.

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