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Great Ways To Spruce Up Your Room

Your room is your sanctuary, at least for most people. Your room is your own personal space; it is a little space that reflects your personality. After being in your room for a few years with nothing changed, you might feel that things are starting to get a bit dull. Change is always good and as good practice, it is a very good idea to spruce things up a notch every once in a while. Follow through to find out how you can spruce it up and keep things affordable. 

Give It A Good Color Wash

If it has been a few too many years before you’ve given your room nice paint wash or if the walls are starting to flake or even if the wallpaper has started to come off, that’s your first clue to getting a paint wash. Trust me there will be nothing that feels better than having to live in a newly painted room with nice new walls. Maybe to really get the brand new feel in your room, change the colors of the wall. Be bold and choose a fun color that you would really enjoy. Get a new wallpaper, one that makes you feel at peace in your room. The most convenient choice would be to hire someone to give the whole room a good paint wash or you can turn it into a fun project; call a few friends over, put some loud music on and paint away!

Light Up Your Room

If you are feeling dull and feel like all your energy is being sucked out, don’t panic, it’s most likely that you need brighter lights in your room. Getting your lights sorted is quite easy, and you can get LED lamps online for a really affordable price. Get a few extra lights around your make up table; maybe even get a chain of mini lights around your bed or your door. You don’t have to illuminate all these lights at once; you can always light each of them up depending on how you feel. Get a night light as well, something soothing that helps you attain a calm and tranquil feeling. Get some starry lights on the ceiling that will leave you feeling like you are staring at the sky.

Organize And De-Clutter

This may seem like a minor thing that wouldn’t bring about too much of change, but don’t underestimate the power of a good de-cluttering and organizing. Start by getting rid of all the things that you think you might use but eventually never do. Getting rid of all the unnecessary items would really open up a lot of space in your room. Even if you don’t want to permanently get rid of things, simply pack them and put them away for storage and only have the things that you use on a daily basis in your room.  After you have cleared up some space, start organizing them. Come up with a system that is easy to remember and keep your things in order.

These are the most basic ways you can give your room a spruce, there are other more minor ways such accessorizing your room with ornaments etc. to add that extra touch of personality to your room are also good methods. All in all, you should enjoy being in your room.

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